Review Of The HQT101 Basic Digital Chess Timer with Bonus and Delay

The HQT101 Basic Digital Chess Timer with Bonus and Delay: Our Review 

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There are three things every chess player needs to feel the ultimate chess experience: an understanding of the game, the chessboard and its pieces, and last but not least, a chess clock.

In this piece, we will be doing a review of one of the lesser-known clocks out there that we believe deserves more recognition: The HQT101 Chess Clock

About The Clock

This clock comes from the Leap line of chess clocks. 

This company has manufactured some community favorites like the PQ9912 and the KK9908 chess clock. 

However, the HQT101 is one clock on the list that looks to go under the radar, which is a shame as it’s a clock worth paying attention to.  

Design Of The Clock

The build of the clock bears some similarities to the KK9908 as they share the same lever model. 

However, the HQT101 has more defined edges, unlike the smooth rounded shape of the KK9908. 

We like this one because of the little lights feature. On each side of the lever are two little lights that come on when either side of the lever is pressed. 

So if the player handling the White pieces presses the lever, the light on the side of the other player (Black) comes on, and vice versa. 

This can help avoid talks like “I didn’t know my time was running” because you will easily be ‘notified’ when your side of the light comes on.

The display screen is a single-panel large-screen LCD display with two parallel black lines that separate the section for White’s timer from Black’s timer. 

Underneath the display panel, you will find three buttons that help to set and reset the time on the clock so you can find the perfect time control option. 

To find the ON/OFF button, simply turn the clock upside down and you’ll easily locate it. 


The HQT101 is a clock that was built for playing chess on the go. It is a considerably smaller clock compared to other clocks available in the market. 

In terms of size, it measures 5.4″ x 3.4″ x 1.8″ (13.8 x 8.8 x 4.5 in centimeters), making it compact and portable.

It weighs approximately 160 grams, making it lightweight and easy to carry to chess tournaments, clubs, or any other playing venue.

Time-Control Options 

The clock comes with a variety of time control options, all tailored to suit your taste. 

Whether it’s a fast-paced game or a calm positional classical match-up with your eternal rival, the HQT101 has options to suit your fancy. 

If you’re looking for something a little extra, the time control options include a Fischer and a delay option. 

The Fischer time option is a setting where you get an increment in your time upon every move you make. The HQT101 supports the Fischer option up to 59 seconds per move, this means you can set the clock to include an increase of seconds for you per every move. 

To further explain, if you’re playing a blitz game that is set to 5 minutes per side, with the Fischer time option, you can add extra seconds to your clock every time you click on the lever, and this seconds allowance is up to 59 seconds. 

Another time-control feature is the delay option, which essentially allows you to pause your time for up to 59 seconds before it continues ticking. 

For example, if you’re playing a rapid game of 10 minutes without increment (10+0), by adding a delay option of 59 seconds, when it’s your turn to play, your clock will “delay” for 59 seconds before your time starts running down. 

Interesting, isn’t it? But that’s not all. This clock has some more treats for you. 

The Leap HQT101 Chess Clock offers both count-up and count-down modes, allowing you to choose the timing method that best suits your playing style. 

So, if you’re playing a blitz game, you can choose whether to count up to 5 minutes from 0.00 or count down till the clock strikes zero. 

Furthermore, this clock allows you to set different time configurations for each side of the timer, providing flexibility and customization options.

The clock comes with an alarm feature that helps notify you when your time is running out. You can choose to turn it off if you prefer a quiet playing environment.  

Color Options 

One major bummer with most chess clocks is the lack of variety when it comes to color. 

Most clocks are only available in one or at best three different colors, but this is not the case with this beast of a clock. 

The HQT101 comes in Black, Burgundy, Red, Yellow, Tan, White, Blue, and Green colors. 

We got ours in Tan and Black and they both look gorgeous. 

The variety of colors allows you to choose a style that suits your preferences or matches your chess set.

Battery Capacity

The battery house of the HQT101 can be accessed by turning the clock upside down. 

The clock is powered by a 1 AA battery, which is not surprising considering the fact that it is not a very big clock, and as such will use less power. 

What Put Us Off

While the HQT101 is a clock with some impressive features we found something we weren’t comfortable with:

Small Lever 

The lever on the clock can prove to be very small for chess players with larger hands. 

As the clock is not a big one, chess players with large hands who try to tap on the lever might end up pressing both sides, especially in the heat of a chess game where the focus is on the board.

Comparing the HQT101 with the KK9908 

HQT101 KK9908 
BUILDHas more defined edges making it sturdierHas a rounded shape that’s not as sturdy as the HQT101 
WEIGHT Weighs 160 gramsWeighs 259 grams
BATTERY Powered by 1 AA batteryPowered by 1 AA battery, however the battery is not included in the package
LEVER LIGHTSThis clock has lights beside each lever to indicate where the time is runningNo lever lights 

The HQT101 and the KK9908 are both great options to choose from. 

However, with the added features of the HQT101 and the fact that it weighs less, our pick of the duo is the HQT101. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re a chess player who enjoys playing on the go, then you’ll love this clock as it is both portable and light in weight. 

While it might not be very convenient for chess players with a big build, it remains an excellent pick among chess clocks.

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