Best Chess Software For Analysis

Best Chess Software For Analysis

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Chess analysis software is not as popular as its web-based counterparts.

However, using native PC software is a necessity for most chess enthusiasts because of its ease of use and convenience. Aside from that, the chess software should serve the intended purpose- evaluating positions using an engine.

Hence, to come up with a list like this, the analysis ability, engine strength and accuracy, software features, and other aspects are the points of consideration.

I will delve into the best chess software available for analysis in this article.

ChessBase 17

Precisely, ChessBase is a database software, yet it’s the top choice of chess software for most individuals, including the best chess players in the world.

And with the latest edition of ChessBase, it is now a powerhouse for analysis. Chessbase 17 allows you to prepare against opponents thanks to the database of games and opening tree.

Features Offered

  • Import or Export Games: On ChessBase, you can import or export games as PGN files or other formats. This is handy for sharing games and analysing games played elsewhere.
  • Explanation of moves: ChessBase shows the various variations and the evaluation information. The groundbreaking Buddy Engine on the software provides an annotated explanation of the games and moves. This is a very convenient feature as it helps players understand the logic behind each move played. You can likewise view threats, heat maps of pieces, evaluation graphs and use other features on ChessBase.
  • Play against a computer: You can play against the ChessBase engines to practice.
  • High-depth Engine: ChessBase is recommended because of the engine options. You also get to choose different engines and vary the depth of analysis.

My love for ChessBase is because of the utility and analysis services it provides in a single software. So, if you can look past the premium cost, ChessBase is a software you should buy for your analysis needs.

Fritz 19

From the ChessBase software company, Fritz is for chess analysis with added features, like the other software from the ChessBase company.

With the newest edition, it keeps the top spot as one of the best chess engines available.

Features Offered

  • Game Database: Fritz has a database of games. The database feature is handy for looking at other games.
  • Engine choice: You can use top engines and vary the depth and other technical properties.
  • Explanation of move: The Buddy engine explains each move and the ideas behind them when turned on. 
  • Import and Export Games: Like other analysis software, you can import games played elsewhere to Fritz for analysis
  • Board Editor: Fritz allows you to set up custom positions with ease.
  • Integrated with This feature allows you to play online or watch others play chess.

Apart from all these features, Fritz has a tactic trainer feature, an opening trainer, and a calculation trainer. Fritz also lets you annotate games yourself. Fritz is my personal chess software choice for analysis.

Lucas Chess

Available for Linux and Windows, Lucas Chess is another top chess analysis software. I have included it here because of the simplicity and ease of setup.

You simply get to the business of analysis with Lucas Chess. Apart from the standard analysis feature, some added features are also useful for the average players like coordinates trainer, tactics trainer etc.

Features offered

  • Import and Export game: you can import PGN for analysis.
  • High-depth Engine: Lucas Chess also provides support for external engines. On installation, there are more than 60 engines available. 

Lucas Chess is not as popular as the other available options but don’t underestimate how good it is for analysis.

Shredder Chess

The value of the Shredder chess software can not be overstated.

Armed with one of the very best chess engines in the world, Shredder Chess will handle any of your analysis needs. Shredder Chess has different versions at varying prices with my favourite remaining the Shredder Classic.  

In terms of analysis, Shredder Chess is a great software with more tools under the hood.

Features Offered

  • Engines and game analysis: The engine used in the software- the Shredder Engine is one of the very best in the world.
  • Chess puzzles: a welcome feature in the software.
  • Move explainer: Shredder chess features the coach feature. The feature guides you through a game and explains the logic behind it.
  • Opening and Endgame Database: Shredder Chess has an opening and endgame database that is up-to-date and accurate. This feature teaches common endgame positions, opening preparations, and popular ideas.

For all casual and professional analysis, Shredder chess remains a great choice.

Arena Chess GUI

Arena Chess is one of the older software available for analysis. It has every standard feature expected in analysis software.

In addition, it allows access to several chess engines and it features strong tablebases for endgame analysis. My only gripe against the software is the inconsistent updates.

The features provided are not groundbreaking and yet, it works perfectly well considering it is free to use.

Features Offered

  • Engine and game analysis: supports nearly all Winboard and UCI engines. 
  • Opening and Endgame Database: has support for tablebases which are handy in endgame analysis. It also features a game database useful for both opening and endgame study.
  • Import and Export game: you can import PGN for analysis.
  • Configurable interface: Arena remains one of the few analysis software that allows users to modify the software interface- a welcome feature.

You should check Arena out if you are looking for chess analysis software to meet all your chess needs.


Stockfish engine is a household name in the chess world- the king of chess engines. It is one of the strongest engines available for download. It is free to use also since it is an open-source software.

Features Offered

  • Engine and game analysis: features the stockfish engine for accurate evaluation of games. 
  • Play against the engine: For learning and practice purposes.
  • Import and Export games: you can import PGN or FEN files of games for analysis.

Stockfish is also available on Mac Os and is a great choice for any of your analysis needs.

Houdini 6

Aside from the controversies surrounding the Houdini software, it remains one of the most strategic chess engines in terms of playing style. You can still download the software for all your analysis needs. 

Features Offered

  • Engine and game analysis: It uses the Houdini engine for an accurate evaluation of games. 
  • Play against the engine: For learning purposes.
  • Import and Export games: you can also import PGN or FEN files of games for analysis.

As expected, Houdini is a top-level analysis software that can also serve any chess player’s needs and that is why it is on my list.

Notable mention

  • Komodo Chess Engine
  • Leela Chess Zero

Final Words

Ultimately, the best chess analysis software depends on what you’re looking for – whether it’s refining your strategy, diving deep into game analysis, or simply enjoying a challenging match against a strong engine. 

With these tools, you can embark on a journey of learning and enjoyment, unlocking new levels of understanding and appreciation for the beautiful game of chess.

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