Our Review Of LEAP KK9908 Digital Chess Timer 

Our Review Of LEAP KK9908 Digital Chess Timer 

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Portable and easy-to-carry chess clocks are a staple for most chess players. 

While bigger clocks are still very much in vogue, clocks of smaller build like the Leap KK9908 Digital Chess Timer are high in demand. 

We decided to get one for ourselves and make a review. Keep reading to find out our thoughts on this clock. 

Brand Packaging 

The LEAP KK9908 comes in a cardboard package that features an image of the clock itself, so you get a glimpse of what you’re buying. 

It also comes with a stamp on the bottom of the package, which shows that it is FIDE-approved. 

The cardboard quality is pretty satisfactory.

Build of The Clock 

The body of our KK9908 is black. The lever is white but has a touch of red to it.

(There are other colors available in the market such as brown and blue)

Its body is made of a special grade of plastic called ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) that is built to resist heat and prevent corrosion. 

This guarantees that you will be able to use this clock for a long time without needing to change its body parts. 

The shape of the clock is somewhat round with very smooth edges. 

The clock has two display sections, one for the white player and the other for black. 

Each section has a little king icon that indicates whether it’s the black player’s time that is running or the white player’s. 

The clock has three buttons: one for increasing the time, one for reducing it, and the middle button serves as a pause or play button. 

The start button is underneath the clock and can be easily accessed. 

The clock has 4 plastic legs underneath to aid sturdiness and prevent the clock from falling off surfaces. 

It also comes with a large high-definition LED display that allows you to easily read the time on the display screen.

The Clock Timer

The timing system of the KK9908 is a countdown timer that comes with 37 pre-programmed settings. 

It’s suitable for various time controls. So, whether you want to play bullet, blitz, or classical, this clock works pretty well. 

The timer can handle different time controls with a maximum time limit of 10 hours. 

You can program your preferred time settings and have them saved and ready to use whenever you want. 

The clock also has an alarm feature that notifies players when their time is running low. You can choose whether or not to enable the alarm in your games. 


Unlike other chess clock models, the KK9908 can be used in various ways because of its unique timing system. 

With it, you can play various board games that include Chinese Chess, International Chess, I-GO, and more. 


We also tested out the speed and reaction time of the clock. The speed is very satisfactory for a clock in its price range. 

The timing system ensures that every second is accounted for. This is especially important for competitive games. 

Ease Of Moving

The KK9908 weighs around 259 grams, which makes it very light and easy to carry. 

The dimensions of this clock measure 14 x 9.3 x 4.9 cm, meaning it can fit easily into a small backpack or handbag.

You can store it in your bag and take it along with you anytime you want to play chess. 

Heck, you can actually stuff it into your pocket. The plastic build and light weight ensure that you can easily move it about without expending any significant physical effort.

Comparing The KK9908 to The PQ9912 

The KK9908 and the PQ9912 are both chess clocks made by Leap. Let’s take a look at how they compare to each other. 

KK9908 PQ9912 
BUILD DESIGN The KK9908 comes in a round build with smooth edges, somewhat of an oval shapeThe PQ9912 has more defined and somewhat sharper edges and is larger in size 
TIMING SYSTEMComes with 37 pre-programmed time-control settings Has 38 different pre-programmed time-control settings 
BATTERY CAPACITY Powered by 1 AA battery that doesn’t come included in the package Powered by 2 AA batteries that come with the package 
BUTTON SIZEButtons are smallerThe buttons on the PQ9912 are considerably larger 

Cons of The KK9908 

While checking out this clock, we found some things we didn’t like. 

Pause Button is a Bit Stiff

The pause button is not so easy to press and requires some effort. 

The three buttons on the display control everything on the clock. Therefore, the middle button, which is also the pause button, is one that you will make use of from time to time. 

We noticed that it takes a bit of physical effort before the button responds, which is not ideal. 

Battery Not Included

A single AA battery powers the KK9908. However, when we were unboxing, we noticed that the battery did not come with the clock. 

If you plan on getting this clock, you will have to purchase a battery before you can power it up. 

No Timer Reset Button 

Another thing we didn’t like about the KK9908 was the absence of a timer reset button. 

After playing a chess game, you would have to switch the clock on and off and then reset the time. This can prove to be very inconvenient, especially when playing multiple games that are set to fast time controls. 

No Sudden Death Option 

While the timer of this clock comes with a lot of pre-programmed settings, it doesn’t come with a sudden death option, unlike other chess clocks like the DGT3000. 

The sudden death option is a favorite of many chess players, and its exclusion from the KK9908 is a bit of a downer. 

Final Thoughts

This clock is a cheap and affordable option for chess players who are looking to play casual and club-level chess. 

While we won’t recommend it for tournament level, it will serve you excellently for both home and outdoor use. 

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