Abdulrahman Mustapha

Picture of Mustapha

My chess journey started 8 years ago in 2015 when I was a hyperactive high school teenager who was terrible at math. I got into chess because my math and calculation skills were as sharp as a teaspoon. 

Truth be told, I hated math, and my teacher saw chess as a way to make me fall in love with calculations. Newsflash: I didn’t fall in love with math but chess became my favorite thing in the world. 

I’d spend hours playing, studying, getting blown away at my local chess club, and going back to study again. 

I had so much passion for the game that barely a year later, I won a bronze medal in the U-16 Chess Championship held in my state. 

On that day my competitiveness and hunger to succeed in chess increased ten-fold and I would go on to win multiple tournaments, both online and at my local club. 

While I’m not a master (YET) I have a 2200+ peak rating on Lichess and I play chess regularly and study materials on how to improve. 

I also study chess history as I am intrigued by players of old. My favorite chess player is Mikhail Tal and his games are a marvel to watch and learn from. In my free time, I follow current happenings in the world of chess as there is no shortage of drama and excitement in the realm of the 64 squares. 

Aside from playing chess, I have also loved writing for as long as I can remember. I got into chess writing 4 years ago and since then, I have written over 100 blog posts on different aspects of chess including openings and opening tactics, middlegame strategies, endgame lessons, chess history, chess improvement and so much more.

I also review chess clocks as I am fascinated by their build, how they work, and the unique features every chess clock possesses. In my years of writing, I have reviewed multiple clocks and explained how they work and everything a chess player needs to know about them.

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