We help you make the best financial decisions when it comes to chess products

Our team of experts analyzes all kinds of chess products, from boards to pieces to software, and provides you with comprehensive reviews that help you make the best financial decision. We cater to all players, from complete beginners to masters in the game. At TheChessAdvisor, we are passionate about chess and we want to share our knowledge with you.

Meet The Team

John Iwuozor


John Iwuozor is the founder of TheChessAdvisor and a passionate chess lover. He has 7+ years of experience playing in strong local, online, and FIDE-rated tournaments, even earning the Arena candidate master title.

Mustapha Abdulrahman

Chess Clock Expert

Abdulrahman Mustapha is a chess enthusiast who started his chess journey in 2015. He won a bronze medal in the U-16 Chess Championship held in his state and has a 2200+ peak rating on Lichess. Abdulrahman is also a prolific writer and has written over 100 blog posts on different aspects of chess including openings and opening tactics, middlegame strategies, endgame lessons, chess history, chess improvement, and more. In addition, Abdulrahman reviews chess clocks and explains how they work and everything a chess player needs to know about them.

Orjiekwe Raphael

Chess Book Reviewer

Orjiekwe Raphael Chidera is a FIDE-rated Chess player with a standard rating of 1847 and a professional chess coach. He has won several chess tournaments as the overall winner in strong fields, including both editions of the TCC Rapid tournament, Awka, Anambra 2023. He is also a dedicated researcher who is always seeking profound knowledge about the game he loves.

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