Best Chess Apps For Beginners

Best Chess Apps For Beginners

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In this article, I’ll share some top chess mobile apps that you should try to install if you’re keen on improving your chess and don’t have access to advanced software on your PC.

These chess applications have enhanced my chess journey and enriched my gaming experience. 

They serve as my go-to platforms for developing my skills, watching tournaments, and analyzing games.

These apps are ranked in no particular order as they provide different features and functionalities.

Let’s dive in.

Playing on the Go: Chess by AI Factory

First up on our list is Chess by AI Factory, a chess mobile application that brings the game right to your fingertips anytime, anywhere. 

The user-friendly navigation combined with sleek design places this app above the whopping 600+ other chess mobile apps in the App and Play Stores.

With this application, you not only play chess but also get the chance to understand the game’s basics. 

It offers twelve practice levels to help you become a better player. 

This app allows you to connect and play with other chess lovers worldwide, ensuring that you always have an opponent to challenge.

A cool feature of this application is the ability to save your games and study them later using the “analyze” feature. 

The application styles are customizable, letting you alter the board and pieces according to your preference.

The Dynamic Duo: Follow Chess and Analyze This App

Follow Chess and Analyze This are two distinct chess applications from the same developer that work in sync.

When you first download Follow Chess, you’ll be prompted to log in, after which you have the options of events, watch lists, favorites, recently viewed games, and more.

Your prime focus should be on the events. 

By clicking on this option, you will see several events arranged according to their dates. 

During an ongoing game, you can view the current players on their existing boards.

The ‘analyze’ feature in the app is a game-changer. When selected, it transfers the current position to the companion app, Analyze This, where an engine runs instantly, showcasing the possible moves for Black against White. 

This feature allows players to analyze the position and study the engine’s recommended move.

About “Analyze This”, it’s available in both pro and free versions.

This app is predominantly for understanding and studying chess positions.

It’s a tool that aids in studying the game, especially when you’re away from the physical chessboard. Just set up a position on the app’s digital board and start analyzing.

You can use this app’s chess engine to examine different game positions and study possible game variations. 

It even allows you to load previously saved games in PGN format and analyze them later, making this app a great tool for in-depth study and practice.

Puzzle Galore: Chess Tactics Pro

Next up is Chess Tactics Pro, an application made strictly for puzzle-solving geeks. 

It features easy, medium, and hard levels, so there’s something for everyone here, regardless of your experience or skills.

This app has a unique feature that tests your memory and understanding of various positions, making you sharper and better with each passing game. 

It’s also equipped with a progress tracking feature to keep a record of your improvement over time.

Connect Globally:

Next on our list is, and it’s a real game-changer. 

Suppose you’ve been studying the game using other applications and now want to put your skills to test, offers you a platform to play against opponents from all across the globe.

Like the apps mentioned above, also contains features for assessing chess puzzles and practicing your tactical skills. 

Lichess serves as my favorite chess application for many reasons. 

It provides most features for free, thereby eliminating the need for a premium package altogether.

You can track your game’s history, create tournaments, study, watch games, and analyze your performance using the analytic board.

There’s a lot to explore with this app, but I’ll leave that to your adventurous spirit to discover. You can also check out our review here.

Play Magnus App: Play and Learn with the Chess Champion

The Play Magnus app aligns perfectly with another app dubbed Magnus Trainer, both designed by the same developer.

Upon entering Play Magnus, you’re given the option to log in, create an account, or continue as a guest. 

The first tab, “Play Me,” unveils an interface showcasing renowned players such as Magnus Carlsen, Judith Polgár, Wesley So, and more. 

One exciting feature here is the ability to play against a virtual Magnus Carlsen at different ages, starting from the age of five. A fun and unique training approach.

The “Train with Me” tab offers training lessons ranging from basic to professional for premium subscribers but has several free lessons available to gamers. An All-In-One Platform is a sophisticated and comprehensive platform offering multiple options for gamers: online play with others, puzzles, lessons, endgame practice, and is even equipped with an analysis tool.

Additionally, you can watch live games and upgrade to their premium package for enhanced features. 

The puzzles section is particularly insightful, helping players sharpen their analytical skills.


Whether you’re new to chess or an accomplished player hoping to refine your skills, these apps I’ve shared today have proved instrumental in my chess journey. 

I encourage you to give them a shot and see how they can reshape your game.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with these apps. 

Let me know if this was helpful.

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