A Review Of Forward Chess

A Review Of Forward Chess: Should You Get It?

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Forward Chess is a chess learning software that simultaneously provides textual instruction with a chess board. 

Although the concept sounds simple, the solution is innovative.

In this article, I’ll provide a comprehensive review of this learning resource, including insights into how it works, and my thoughts on its usefulness for chess enthusiasts. 

Note: My review is based on the web app version of Forward Chess, but the software is also available on mobile platforms.

What is Forward Chess?

Forward Chess is a software that effectively synergizes a chess book’s instructional content with an interactive chess board. 

This application distinguishes itself within the digital reading space with its extensive library of about 935 eBooks, all geared towards enhancing your chess strategy.

If you’ve tried delving into a chess book before, you might have run into the challenge of having to set up a board separately.

This need may arise due to several unavoidable situations, such as trying to understand a gameplay that is 20 moves ahead or trying to figure out where you went wrong while solving a puzzle from a chess book. 

Setting up a board separately on chess platforms such as Lichess feels impractical and time-consuming, obstructing what ought to be a seamless learning process. 

To counter this challenge, Forward Chess brings an interactive board to the same platform as the chess book.

How Does It Work?

Upon logging in to Forward Chess, you’ll be greeted with a good-looking interface.

You have a library that includes all the books you currently own. The ones shown above are just samples and not full books.

To build your library, you’ll have to purchase these books in the store.

How The Ebooks Are Represented

Here is a detailed description of how Forward Chess presents an eBook:

The text is on the left side of the screen with miniature board images placed periodically. 

Clicking on these images displays the setup on the larger, editable chessboard on the right.

All the chess moves within the text are hyperlinked, hence, upon clicking, the move is reflected instantly on the board. 

This interactive feature saves you the trouble of manually setting up the board every time you want to try a move.

An Extensive Library of Chess eBooks

One of the first things you may notice when you explore Forward Chess is the list of eBooks available.

From essential readings like “The Chess Bible” and “100 Endgames You Must Know,” to vibrant coverage of specific openings, this chess reader has a book for every chess enthusiast.

For fans of the Chess Informant series, you would be happy to know that this platform has an extensive collection of these as well.

You’ll also be amazed by their filters that help you quickly navigate through their massive library of opening books, endgame books, books in Spanish, biographies, and history.

Unique Features That Set Forward Chess Apart

The most astounding feature of Forward Chess is the integrated chessboard on the right-hand side of your screen. 

This allows you to dynamically scroll through all of the moves within the book, interpret moves easily, and even employ the renowned Stockfish engine to analyze different lines that pique your interest.

There are other features which include:

  • You have the ability to draw on the chessboard by selecting the paintbrush tool, handy for noting key positions or moves.
  • The settings cogwheel also provides options to customize the board according to your comfort. 
  • You can modify the board theme, choose the style of pieces, and adjust the font size to create a personalized reading experience.
  • While reading, you can bookmark any interesting position or chapter for future reference. The table of contents allows you to navigate through the book smoothly.
  • The bookmarking feature comes in handy when dealing with extensive books – imagine not having to memorize exactly where you left off, but simply clicking a marker to resume from that point! 

Once done for the day, you can pin your place in the chapter by tapping on the bookmark icon on the top right corner, and assign a title for future reference.

Finally, Forward Chess is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices, providing maximum accessibility. 

Pricing and Conclusion

Comparing Forward Chess with other sites, it may seem a tad bit expensive. 

However, I believe that the couple of extra dollars are well worth the convenience of the integrated board that aids in learning and analysis. Having the Stockfish engine coupled with this is an added perk.

In the store tab, each book is provided with a sample option allowing you to access some chapters to gauge the relevance and complexity of the book. 

This way, there’s no second-guessing on the appropriateness of the book you’re about to purchase.

That concludes our detailed dive into Forward Chess. If you want to explore this platform more, head over to forwardchess.com.

Let me know if you found this review helpful.

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