Review Of Chessable: The Idea Behind This Platform

Review Of Chessable: The Idea Behind This Platform

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Are you a chess enthusiast eager to upgrade your playing skills? Then you should probably check out Chessable.

Chessable, with its unique Move Trainer feature, revolutionizes the process of chess learning. 

But before I dive into the magic of Chessable and Move Trainer, let’s lay down the foundation of why you need a better way to study chess.

The Struggles Of Traditional Chess Learning

Chess has always been known as a sophisticated game that demands patience, strategy, and foresight. 

However, the traditional ways of studying chess involve stumbling upon many hurdles:

  • Setting up a board physically each time you want to practice
  • Remembering the page you last studied from in your chess book
  • Keeping track of all the moves you miss

Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? 

Thankfully, Chessable offers a comprehensive and streamlined solution to all these issues.

Introducing Chessable and Move Trainer

Chessable hinges on the definitive solution for learning chess. It employs the science of spaced repetition through its one-of-a-kind feature, the Move Trainer. 

This smart tool identifies your strengths and eliminates your weaknesses, making the learning process seamless, effective, and incredibly fun.

A Hub of Extensive Chess Resources

Chessable also boasts one of the largest online chess libraries in the world. Inside this library, you will find:

  • Hundreds of titles ranging from classic books to trending openings
  • Exclusive Chessable courses
  • Over 100 free courses

Learn from the Best Chess Pros

You get to learn from esteemed individuals in the chess universe such as IM John Bartholomew, GM Sam Shankland, IM Christof Sielecki, GM Simon Williams, GM Fabiano Caruana, and GM Anish Giri amongst others.

What I Like And Don’t Like About Chessable

Over the years, Chessable has promoted content creation making it possible for chess creators to make their courses and put them up for sale. It’s like Udemy just for chess.

However, most of the courses can get pricey especially for people living in developing countries, making it inaccessible to them.

Final Thoughts

You can simply visit Chessable to start your journey towards chess mastery. 

The platform equips chess enthusiasts with the means to get better at what they love in an innovative way.

Let me know if this review was helpful.

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