A Review Of The Zurich Series Chess Plastic Pieces

A Review Of The Zurich Series Chess Plastic Pieces

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In this article, we’ll take a look at the Zurich Series Plastic Chess Set. 

Let’s get started.

A First Look at the Set

One of the first things you’ll notice about this set is its king standing at a regal height close to four inches, specifically three and seven-eights of an inch (3.875″).

The designer of the set must have missed the four-inch mark by a hair’s breadth intentionally. 

The Zurich set is unique, especially when compared to the Reykjavik set, mainly because of the high-quality felt it comes with. 

It ensures these pieces are noiseless, serving well both on roll-out boards and more premium wooden boards. 

When put down on a surface, the chess pieces emit a soft, muffled sound typical of any well-crafted chess set.

The Zurich series, as it stands, is one of the most appealing plastic chess sets. 

Its beauty and craftmanship speak volumes about the care that went into its design and manufacturing.

Under the Magnifying Glass: Zurich Set Pieces

The King

The king stands tall at almost four inches and is crowned with a stylish finial. 

The Zurich series does a fabulous job maintaining elegance and imposing respect through a wonderful blend of broad tops with a somewhat rounded edge. 

Nothing stands out about the king’s design, but therein lies its beauty: simplicity and grace built for a royal presence on the chessboard.

The pieces come in three colors, black, tan, and white. 

The king feels light to lift and offers a medium-quality felt underside – not too luxurious but functional nonetheless. 

The quality of the plastic is top-notch, casting doubts on whether it has some blank spaces inside or is fully solid.

The Queen

The set offers four queens. They may fall short a bit when sized up against the kings, but they don’t compromise on the visual appeal. 

On the contrary, having fewer details makes them even more appealing. The spikes on top are a bit sharp, but as with any chess piece, they too may dull over time. 

The Bishop

Not too big but not too small, the bishop is superbly crafted to stand out and at the same time not be mistaken for the graceful queen. 

For the more traditional chess enthusiasts, the top is not cut through but the base offers a generous width. 

The seams may be conspicuous, and the felt does not extend all the way to the periphery but these details in no way undermine the bishop’s overall appeal. 

The Knight

Knights in the Zurich series are slightly more detailed compared to the Reykjavik series. 

The upwardly curved mane and the detailed face give them a unique character. 

The Rook

Quite typical of a chess rook, but the thicker top gives it a slight edge. 

The Pawn

Exceptionally and substantially big, keeping in mind the usual size of a pawn. 

However, the bulkier top adds grip to the piece, thereby lending it a practical edge.

Final Thoughts

The Zurich series plastic chess set offers a blend of simplicity, elegance, and practicality at an extremely affordable price. 

It’s a worthy addition to your collection, especially if you play many tournament games.

If you look at the Zurich set from any angle; it retains its allure. 

Apart from the disproportionately huge pawns, there is hardly a fault you can find in it. 

I hope you found this review informative.

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