Best Chess Websites To Analyze Chess Games

Best Chess Websites To Analyze Chess Games

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Reviewing mistakes after every game and seeing what can be played better is a habit that every chess player should develop. 

However, finding good chess websites for this analysis can sometimes be tricky.

Already, there are tons of different software and apps that provide chess analysis services. But the web-based counterparts are what we will look at in this article. 

This list was curated after a thorough discussion with several amateur and skilled chess players. As a result, you can trust that these analysis websites are the best there are.

In this guide, the emphasis is on websites that provide accurate, up-to-date analysis and are equally convenient to use.

DecodeChess remains one of the most trusted by experts. Many top-level players recommend it. 

The free version is handy for the average user’s practical use. However, you will need to pay for the premium to access a more comprehensive and professional analysis of your games.

Analysis Features Offered

  • Import or Export games: This allows users to import and export games/positions from PGN files or chess notations.
  • Explanation of moves: DecodeChess explains each move in analysis and discusses the ideas behind these moves. This is a very convenient feature as it helps appreciate the logic behind each move played.
  • Play against a computer: On DecodeChess, one also has the option to play games based on position or otherwise against an engine.
  • High-depth Engine: DecodeChess has one of the best engines anywhere.

I enjoy DecodeChess for the straightforward simplicity and professionalism it offers. 

If you are looking for a one-place chess analysis website, DecodeChess will get the job done.

Aimchess is a website that helps you understand where and how to improve your games. 

It does this by analyzing your online games and letting you know what aspects of your chess needs more work. 

Aside from that, Aimchess also has the feature to analyze individual chess games and learn from them.

Analysis Features Offered 

  • High-depth Engine: Helps with all analysis needs.
  • Videos: You can easily find videos for explanations based on positions on the board. This is a brilliant addition for the audio-visual learners.

Chessify is another premium analysis website. 

It’s not surprising to see that Chessify is trusted by several top-level grandmasters, like Levon Aronian and even the multiple USA Chess Champion & World #2 Fabiano Caruana.

Analysis Features offered 

  • Different Engine Choice: Chessify is more on the technical side, with a wide range of options and customizations for those looking for more powerful neural engines. 

You can choose from engines like Stockfish 16, LCzero, AsmFish, etc.

  • Game database: Chessify can import games from PGN or even URLs from popular chess websites. 

This ability allows you to compare games with others that have been played before learning from the various ideas.

  • Integration with DecodeChess: Chessify can also integrate with DecodeChess. This allows users to enjoy the best from both websites. Cool right?

ChessCompass remains one of the best free options available to analyze games. 

ChessCompass is the perfect mix of simplicity and utility. This website gets the job done without getting you confused by the complexity of chess analysis. 

When you need a more thorough analysis, you can always opt for the premium version that allows you to integrate ChessCompass with DecodeChess.

Analysis Features offered

  • Integration with DecodeChess: This is similar to the earlier discussed website on this list. ChessCompass allows you to pair your account with the DecodeChess services (if you are on a premium plan).
  • High-depth Engine: Typical, and gets the job done.
  • Import game: You can import Chess games for review. Either PGN and FEN or by directly pasting the game link.

365Chess is another simple but easy-to-use chess analysis website. 

It offers the essentials for a chess analysis website. 365Chess also provides an elaborate database of games for those who need this feature.

Analysis features Offered

  • Import game: You can import PGN for analysis.
  • High-depth Engine: This gets the job done for your analysis requirements,

Some might argue that 365Chess is too basic. However, I will say this simplicity is what makes it so great to use.

Of course, this won’t be a complete list without mentioning one of the most used analysis websites available. 

Lichess is not just an analysis website. It is everything you will ever need from a chess website. 

It’s not surprising that Lichess is trusted by millions because of how well-built it is. The user interface and design work perfectly for the purpose of analysis. 

Did I remember to mention that the Lichess Analysis feature is completely free? No payment is required.

Analysis features Offered

  • Game Database: While analyzing, you can take a look at any of the master databases, the Lichess database, or even games played by yourself and other players. This feature is useful when you want to see ideas or possible variations from different lines.
  • Engine choice: You can choose which version of the stockfish engine you require for any particular analysis varying the depth, thread, and other technical properties.
  • Import Games: Like the various analysis websites featured earlier, you can import games played over the board and even other websites for analysis on Lichess.
  • Board Editor: You can easily set up positions as needed on Lichess.
  • Play with engines: This is very useful for practice and training. is another popular website used predominantly to analyze games by a lot of chess players. 

While the premium version of has wonderful analysis features, the free version is no slouch either and is enough for the average user’s needs.

Analysis features Offered

  • Game Database: has one of the most exhaustive game databases of any chess website.
  • Engine choice: You can choose any of the stockfish, Komodo, or Torch engines. It is possible to analyze with varying depths, threads, and other technical properties. Moreover, gives the option to choose either the cloud or local analysis.
  • Import Games: On, you can import games from PGN (similar to most analysis websites).
  • Play with engines: This is very important for practice and training purposes.
  • Set up positions: This is also a useful feature in any analysis website.
  • Review: This feature explains your moves and helps to understand what you could have done better in your games.

Notable Mentions

There are other websites that are great for analysis. They don’t have a lot of amazing features like the ones we highlighted above but you might want to check them out too:


I hope this review was helpful.

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