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I’m Orjiekwe Raphael Chidera, writer and chess reviewer at TheChessAdvisor.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria 2001, I learned how to move the pieces in my teenage year (in 2014). Since then, I have been playing chess for 8 years and have gained a lot of experience from chess books.

In terms of numbers, I have read over 100 books on chess and counting. I believe that so much knowledge is hidden in books and my sole reason for reading them is to harvest all the valuable knowledge in them. 

Photo of me in a South East Zonal classical tournament, Nigeria 2023.

Ojerikwe Rapheal FIDE Profile
Photo from TCC 2.0 Rapid tournament, Anambra 2023.
A Photo from TCC 2.0 Rapid tournament, Awka, Anambra 2023.

I am a FIDE-rated Chess player with a standard rating of 1847 and a professional chess coach. 

Over the years, I’ve won several chess tournaments as the overall winner in strong fields.

I am proud to have won both editions of the TCC 2.0 tournament, Awka, Anambra 2023; and I am honored to be the defending champion.

Again, I once represented Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK) for NUGA games and served as the coach of the female team.

I am a professional chess coach with a coaching style that caters to different kinds of players and their personalities. 

I have coached several young students who were passionate about excelling at the game. So far, I have coached two schools on chess and I am eager to expand my reach to more schools soon.

Apart from chess, I am a dedicated researcher who is always seeking profound knowledge. I believe that researching the truth about this game I love is essential to my growth as a player and coach.

Photo of me at Danhypro Rapid tournament in Asaba, Nigeria 2021.

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