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If you’re a passionate online chess player, then I’m sure you’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to access, receiving an error message when the servers are overloaded, or even having to deal with lagging pieces. 

If this sounds painfully familiar, then this post is for you. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing a top alternative to, a platform that in some ways, might rival – and even surpass – this current fan favorite.

A Brief Overview of Lichess

Creating waves since 2010, Lichess was brought into existence by a 31-year-old French programmer, Thibault Duplessis.

Right from the start, two promises were made that have held till today: the platform would never have ads, and it will forever be 100% free. 

Content-wise, Lichess is a stark contrast to, which positions most of its value-added features, such as unlimited puzzles, an extensive video library, game reviews, and lessons, behind a paywall.

Unpacking What Lichess Has to Offer

What truly sets Lichess apart from many other chess platforms are two key features, loved by beginners and coaches alike.

The Study Feature

Think of this feature as a high-quality course for chess players, only, unlike courses influencers often try to sell, it’s entirely free and well worth your time. 

Lichess is home to thousands of chess-related studies created by players from around the world, covering diverse aspects of the game. 

With filter options, you can explore the top-rated studies, or use the search box to target specific areas you wish to refine – from tactics and opening variations to in-game positions and principles. 

It is a treasure trove of knowledge for beginners to acquire and for coaches to share their expertise — acting as a free educational platform.

The Arena Tournament Mode

The second standout feature is the Arena Tournament Mode. 

You can create main tournaments – both public (open to everybody) and private (for your chess club or school team, for example). 

Lichess offers a variety of styles to choose from, navigable through any time control format including rapid, blitz, bullet, or classical chess. 

Lichess’s main tournament page features the best tournaments, which are available 24/7 for watching matches and participating in public chat.

Other Pros of Using Lichess

Beyond these unique offerings, Lichess has a smooth, useful interface, a quick matchmaking system, and a robust mobile app. 

This combination assures that the platform extends an experience as good as, if not superior.

Lichess vs Areas for Improvement

However, there are a few edges still maintains over Lichess:

Forums and News Articles has a rich database of forums and news articles catching up with almost everything related to the chess world. 

From basic queries to more extravagant ones,’s forums and articles cover it all.

Player Pool

The significant number of users on allows it to have a stronger player pool compared to Lichess or any other platform.

Puzzles derives its forte from the way it has gamified puzzles with puzzle battles and helpful tactical trainers. These are powerful to enhance your foresight and tactics.

Your Move

With over 10 million active players and more account creations each day, remains an unmatched platform. 

However, when the site is down due to high demand, don’t forget to give Lichess a try. You might find yourself gravitating towards it in the long run.

I hope this review was helpful.

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