Chessify: A Comprehensive Review For Mobile and Web

Chessify: A Comprehensive Review For Mobile and Web

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I recently resumed my chess training and a friend of mine, who is a master-level player, recommended Chessify as a comprehensive platform for chess training and analysis. 

I travel a lot, so I was pleased to learn that Chessify is available on both web and mobile, allowing me to continue my training even when I’m on the road.

According to my friend, Chessify offers everything a chess player might need. 

Additionally, they have Anish Giri, Fabiano Caruana, and Levon Aronian as ambassadors, which makes it a tier 1 platform. 

I tried the free version to get a feel for what Chessify is like and here’s what I found out.

First, What is Chessify?

Chessify has been around for a while, offering a cloud-based engine service where you have the opportunity to rent robust engines such as Stockfish or Leela and run them right on your device. 

Recently, Chessify has been gaining attention with their new web app that could serve as a potential alternative to Chessbase.

Chessbase, with a track record of several years, is undoubtedly a leading competitor in this market. 

Many titled or professional players rely on Chessbase. However, its limitations cannot be ignored. 

The user interface can be challenging to navigate, it’s quite pricey, and its complex nature may deter new players.

There are free alternatives available, like Lichess, with super popular studies that cater to many chess players. also offers a new library feature where players can store and save games. However, these alternatives often lack in terms of an up-to-date database and a powerful engine.

This is where Chessify shines. It offers a strong engine and an updated database, striking a balance between free and premium options. 

This makes it an ideal choice for players who aren’t keen on parting with hefty sums but want more power than free options offer.

Exploring Chessify Web App

Upon logging into Chessify, you’re greeted with a familiar interface that resembles Chessbase. 

On the webpage, you’re presented with the chessboard on the left, and the notation window displaying the moves and analysis you conduct. 

Making moves is quite straightforward, and the notation window will keep track of your moves. 

You also have the option to include variations, with the platform prompting you to categorize them as a new main line, a variation, or to override the current move.

The annotation symbols at the bottom will be familiar to Chessbase or Lichess study users. 

Here, you can annotate the game, and add exclamations, evaluations, and more, all of which get saved in the ‘uploads’ tab. 

You can create folders and store your analysis for future reference.

Chessify cloud servers and storage allow you to save and analyze games directly on the website without worrying much about your hardware.

Importing and exporting PGNs is also pretty intuitive. The import/export button allows you to copy the PGN to a different place or input a new PGN.

The reference tab in Chessify facilitates comparing the position on your board with Chessify’s impressive online database of about eight to nine million games. 

You can filter games based on Elo ratings, specific dates, results, and players. 

Additionally, you can choose to ignore Blitz and Rapid games, focusing instead on Classical games which is an extremely useful feature if you’re building an opening repertoire.

Chessify also offers different engine options based on the plan you’ve subscribed to. 

You can run Stockfish and analyze the positions while looking through the database.

Chessify offers engines like Stockfish, AsmFish, SugaR AI, and more. The Grandmaster plan even includes Leela Zero.

The Endgame Tablebase makes it possible to deliver flawless endgame strategies with up to 6 pieces on the board.

Finally, Chessify also has an upcoming AI buddy feature. I have signed up for the waitlist and I am excited to try it when it launches.

In all, Chessify’s website is quite simple with an intuitive user experience. The main feature of the web version is the Chessify cloud engine.

Chessify Cloud Engine

Cloud Chess Engines are chess programs running on remote servers that help you save space and RAM on your PC. 

Unlike traditional engines installed on your device, Chessify cloud engine offers advanced analysis without hardware limitations.


  • Accessible Anywhere: Chessify allows you to play and analyze chess from any internet-connected device, including smartphones and computers.

This can come in handy during tournaments when you get last-minute pairings and need to quickly review your notes or look something up.

  • Collaborative Play: It allows you to share and analyze games in real-time with others, this enhances your training and puzzle-solving.
  • Online Platform Integration: It seamlessly connects with platforms like ChessBase and Fritz for diverse playing experiences. 

For advanced players, the ability to integrate third-party programs like ChessBase is a significant advantage. 

This feature allows you to combine the comfort of your preferred chess software with the powerful engines and analytical capabilities of Chessify.

  • Extensive Resources: It comes with up-to-date databases and endgame tablebases for advanced opening and endgame strategies.
  • High Scalability: Efficiently manages multiple users, ensuring smooth performance even during high demand.

Looking At The Mobile Version

The mobile version of Chessify has a simple user experience with six different features:

  • Chess Scanner
  • Analysis and Video Search
  • Live Stream
  • PDF Reader
  • Gameplay
  • Chessify Shop

Chess Scanner

Chessify’s scanner feature is a standout. It allows you to import any chess position from a variety of sources – be it a physical board, a printed diagram, or a digital display. 

While the feature is innovative, it’s not without flaws. There were occasional lapses in piece recognition, especially with complex positions. 

The effectiveness of this tool depends on the quality of lighting and the clarity of the image produced.

The 2x zoom function also serves as a useful workaround when your scan fails to capture some pieces. 

If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to input the pieces manually so you can analyze your game.

Analysis: Chessify has a pool of the latest chess engines to assist chess players of any level to provide insightful analyses of games and refine strategies to understand complex positions. 

Chessify’s video search function is a novel addition, tapping into the vast resources of YouTube to recommend video content related to your analysis. 

This feature significantly enhances the learning experience, especially for players who benefit from visual and auditory learning styles. 

It’s like having a personalized chess library at your fingertips, offering insights and lessons relevant to your specific training needs.

Live Stream: 

The live streaming feature keeps on loading forever so there is nothing much to say about it. 

But I’m curious to hear if others have encountered similar issues.

 PDF Reader: The integration of a PDF reader with an auto-scan feature is another cool feature of Chessify. 

Reading your books with Chessify allows you to seamlessly translate positions from your chess books into the app for immediate analysis. 

It’s a brilliant way to bridge traditional chess literature with modern analytical tools.

Gameplay: There is nothing much to say here. The gameplay feature is not so functional as not many people play on the app.

Chessify Shop

This is where you pay for your subscription and superFast seconds.

Both subscription and superfast seconds are in three tiers. 

Superfast seconds is supposed to allow you access to powerful servers and engines while you’re on mobile. 

Chessify Pricing

Chessify offers various pricing plans based on your needs and budget. 

They offer a free plan perfect for a trial run, and more premium plans available either monthly or annually. 

When compared with Chessbase, the cost of subscribing to Chessify and purchasing the mega database, prices are quite similar.

Also, Chessify’s divergent pricing for its mobile and web versions is kinda confusing, or let’s just say I don’t really see the point. Why not one subscription for both platforms?

For Mobile 

The mobile pricing is priced in my local currency (naira). 

Kindly let me know if the dollar equivalent is the same in your region.

Bronze plan: N4950 ~ $4.12

This gives you access to 1000-second analysis and up to 100 YouTube videos. 

You’ll also be able to scan up to 1000 positions for analysis.

Silver Plan: N15,000 ~ $12.5

The silver plan gives you access to 5000 seconds of analysis, up to 200 YouTube videos, and an unlimited number of scans to analyze your positions.

Gold Plan: N45,500 ~ $38.2

Gives you access to superfast 40000 seconds analysis, unlimited YouTube videos, and scans. You also get 10 book scans.

For Web


Monthly PricingYearly Pricing
Free Plan$0$0
Amateur Plan$7.99$79.99
Master Plan$34.99$349.99
Grandmaster PlanDoesn’t look like that works.$1199.99
Super GM Plan$15000 

Amateur Plan: This plan gives you access to a 10 MN/s speed and storage for 500 PGN games.

It’s perfect for regular users seeking a reliable analytical tool with access to a vast game database.

Master Plan: With a speed of 25-100 MN/s and unlimited game storage, the Master Plan is ideal for master-level players.

Grandmaster Plan: Tailored for advanced players like Grandmasters, this plan adds Unlimited LCZero 100MN/s to the Master Plan’s features, making it a valuable tool for high-level opening preparation.

Super GM Plan: the Super GM plan is a premium plan suited for content creators and top-level player assistants. 

It claims to offer 6 million Chessify coins and unmatched server speed for in-depth chess analysis and content creation.


Chessify stands out as a comprehensive tool for chess training and analysis. 

For serious learners and aspiring masters, the web version’s 1v1 grandmaster training sessions are invaluable. 

The mobile version is suitable for tournament players focused on game analysis but there are better alternatives like Analyze This. 

In summary, Chessify is indeed a promising tool that offers an interesting alternative, particularly for players who are unsure if they want to invest in Chessbase. 

Chessify is recommendable for master-category players or those aiming for masters level. 

If you have less than a 1400 FIDE rating, you might also want to consider using cheaper and simpler alternatives like Lichess,, and Analyze This.

Also, the lack of a unified subscription model can be frustrating for users who wish to utilize both platforms. 

While each version has its unique offerings, the separation feels unnecessary and could be a potential barrier for users considering full integration into the Chessify ecosystem.

Let me know if you found this review helpful.

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