Review of DecodeChess: How To Use The Platform

Review of DecodeChess: How To Use The Platform

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In this article, I’ll give you a review of the DecodeChess platform and show you how to use it.

What is DecodeChess? 

DecodeChess is a chess software that uses artificial intelligence to explain the moves of a chess engine in human language. 

It was developed by Decodea and is powered by the open-source engine Stockfish. 

Unlike other chess engines, DecodeChess emphasizes chess concepts over engine moves and explains why certain moves are important in a given position. 

DecodeChess has an intuitive interface that resembles most software. 

The left side of the interface displays a chessboard, while the right side displays a notation and engine analysis (as you can see below).

Users can select a position or game, or play with the engine. 

When a game is selected, the system automatically evaluates the positions and provides basic game info stats. 

How To Use DecodeChess

One of the primary ways to incorporate DecodeChess into your learning plan is by importing a game or position.

This can be done in two ways:

1. Using a PGN file saved on your computer, or

2. Download it directly from a chess-playing website.

Many websites today support downloading PGN files (a standard format for chess game data) and FENs (a description of a specific board position).

To start, you upload a game.

Assess the Game with Engine Evaluation

Once your chess game is imported, pay attention to a couple of features that are instantly available. 

At the top right, you’ll see the Game Info area. This area provides an overview of the game’s trajectory via engine evaluation, allowing you to understand who has the advantage at each point in the game.

When the graph is white, it means that white has the advantage, and the opposite is true when it’s black.

The system takes just about a minute to process the complete intricate representation of the game, providing you with insights through an AI engine’s point of view.

Once fully processed, you can delve into the game’s statistics, which reveal every inaccuracy, mistake, and blunder made by each side.

Look out for the result of the analysis – the best line as suggested by the StockFish engine. 

Each ply (half a move in chess) is underlined in blue, which you can click to reveal a thorough explanation.

The Structure of an Explanation

Each move’s explanation comprises intuitive reasoning supported by varied variations – all verbalized. 

Reading the explanation and following the different lines expounding the explanation form the heart of the learning process within DecodeChess.

The board is interactive, with the explanatory pointers on the sidebar directly working with areas on the board. Highlighted arrows point out specific features:

– Red arrows: threats

– Blue arrows: plans and piece functionality

– Green arrow: the best move

Decode Game: Your Express Overview

For an umbrella view of the entire game, slide to the Decode Game mode. 

Operating at a commentary level, it furnishes explanations for every move in about 15 seconds. 

But remember, to access in-depth intricacies and concepts, don’t forget to tap the Deep Decode button whenever necessary.

Learning As You Play

DecodeChess also offers a unique live learning experience – the Play mode. 

You pick the piece color and difficulty level to tussle against the AI. 

As you play, your game continues to evolve with real-time updates of your performance shown in the graph. 

If you get stuck anywhere, you can just click on Deep Decode for guidance.

DecodeChess Pricing

DecodeChess pricing starts at $8.25/monthly and $84 annually.

You can also choose a one-time payment where you can get access to features and functionalities via credits.

Is the Pricing Worth it?

Based on what I’ve seen so far, and the reviews I’ve read, this is a good price. 

You get to have an engine that can help ‘decode’ your moves and show you why a certain move is great and another is bad.

You can try out the free trial before getting the software.

Who is It For?

I recommend this product for players that fall in the beginners and intermediate categories. 

This will prove too basic for players with higher ratings but it’s a perfect fit for those still learning the basic concept of chess and “why a move is good”.

Final Thoughts

This sums up our quick but comprehensive walkthrough of DecodeChess. 

Whether it’s providing intuitive explanations, guiding you through complex moves, creating threats, prompting plans, or simply playing the game, DecodeChess intelligently transforms big data into big understandings, revealing the hidden treasures in each move and strategy.

I hope this was useful. Got questions? Let me know below.

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