A Quick Review Of DGT Smart Board for Chess

A Quick Review Of DGT Smart Board for Chess

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For this piece, I got my hands on the DGT Smart Board which I’ll proceed to tell you what I think.

Just in case you’re asking yourself, “Do I really need a DGT Board?”, I’ll start by telling you my story.

For as long as I’ve been studying chess, I usually flit between doing it digitally or the classic OTB (over-the-board) way. 

But like many others, I prefer to study OTB. 

Moving the pieces around myself, feeling the smooth contours – there’s something delightfully tactile and interactive about it. 

This is why every chess player should have a board at home.

And believe me, it pays dividends if you’re aspiring to be a formidable tournament player. 

However, the downside of most physical casual boards is the inability to provide that immersive and interactive experience, like being able to stream online, make live game transmission possible, and accurately register chess moves amongst other benefits.

This is where DGT comes in and excels.

Anyway, let’s get into the review.

Review Of The DGT Chess Board

As I gently skimmed through the packing tape, I tapped into my excitement, eager to explore what was inside. 

Right on top was the basic invoice, just a regular ‘you’ve ordered a smartboard, paid this amount, and we’re grateful’ kind of thing – pretty straightforward. 

Also, a quick heads-up to all the DGT clock owners. As long as your board and clock have the requisite connection ports, they’ll sync up nicely. 

And that’s a relief, right? It would be quite baffling if the clocks and boards by DGT were incompatible.

Once I removed the bubble wrap, the DGT Smart Board unfurled in all its glory, complete with features explained in detail on the back. 

The box looked pretty impressive but remember, folks, the pieces are sold separately!

The Chess Pieces & Board – A Closer Look

Some might assume the board comes with the pieces but don’t make that mistake. 

I also got the ‘Timeless’ weighted pieces to pair with the board. 

The pieces looked absolutely stunning – classic, hefty, and smooth. 

The board also has an authentic, ‘woody’ appearance, upping the entire aesthetic. 

The DGT Board in Action

Once all the packaging was out of the way, I couldn’t resist making the first move. 

I chose classic 1. e4 – a salute to tradition. 

To my delight, the board responded instantaneously. I was amazed by how immediately the board registered it. 

The responsiveness wasn’t just limited to pawn moves; it accurately reflected piece moves and captured sequences without hesitation.

Overall Impressions and Experience

This board isn’t just a one-trick pony – it’s also great for practice.

The overall experience was immensely satisfying. 

This DGT smartboard is not just visually appealing but also highly responsive, making it fun and intuitive to use for both practice and streaming games. 

If you love the feel of traditional chess with the convenience of modern technology, this is an investment worth considering. 

However, bear in mind it’s not the most budget-friendly option out there.

I hope this review was helpful.

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