Best Chess Websites To Learn, Train, and Improve

Best Chess Websites To Learn, Train, and Improve

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In this article, I’ll share with you the best websites to learn, practice, and improve your chess.


“Lichess” is more than just a name in the chess world; it’s practically a legacy. 

Lichess is free to access and offers a treasure trove of features for avid chess players.

Gameplay Options

At Lichess, you can dive right into gameplay through their intuitively placed play button presenting 11 pre-selected options that include common formats like 1-minute bullet, five-minute blitz, and 15+10 classical.


If you’re feeling adventurous, Lichess is home to an expansive range of chess variants. 

Alongside standard checkmate-based games, you can try variants such as “Three Check”, where three successful checks result in a win or an exciting run with the “King of the Hill”. 

The unique options will add a fun twist to your usual games.

Key Features

Lichess hosts a set of robust features that cater to every chess player’s needs:

  • Advanced Search: Whether you’re browsing through ratings or curiosity drove you to replay a specific game, this feature helps locate just what you desire.
  • Board Editor: Perfect for both puzzle creation and strategic thinking development, the board editor provides an interactive learning tool.
  • Game Import: You can also import your games using PGNs for further exploration.
  • Analysis: Lichess has integrated one of the most powerful chess engines; Stockfish. This AI tool suggests strategic best moves to enhance your gameplay, providing plenty of opportunities for learning and improvement.
  • Opening Explorer: This is your ticket to navigating and mastering those crucial first few moves of a match.

Lichess also provides learning and watching sections. There’s so much to do, you’ll never run out of options.

Chess Tempo

While Lichess is my absolute favorite, Chess Tempo is another cool site.

Chess Tempo’s standout element is its ‘Guess the Move’ feature which presents GM games for you to play, and then reveals the actual moves that were made, allowing for valuable comparison and learning.

Other features include:

  • Playing chess: Ready, set, play!
  • Training: Tactics? Openings? Endgames? You name it, they’ll train you on it.
  • Game Database: Games, games, and more games. is a delightful mix of simplicity and complexity.

Its user-friendly interface is particularly optimized for mobile devices, making it ideal for mid-journey games or some sneaky chess play in school.

Just like its counterparts, provides features that allow you to train and improve your chess.

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