Best Chess Software For Content Creation

Best Chess Software For Content Creation

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In this detailed article, I’ll be sharing with you important tools necessary to create top-tier chess content for platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Whether you’re aiming to start a new chess channel or already have an established one, this guide is for you.

Before delving into the array of tools, it’s important to note that some of these applications are online and require internet access, while others function offline, independent of the internet. 

Also, the choice of tool often comes down to personal preference.

Let’s dive in.

Best Applications for Chess Content Creation

Screen Recording

When it comes to screen recording software, two primary options are Camtasia Studio and Open Broadcast Software (OBS) Studio.

  • Camtasia Studio

This effective tool allows recording your screen, accompanied by comprehensive video editing features. 

This application also functions offline, a strong reason for its preference among some users. 

Camtasia Studio makes it possible to visually capture the chess board during lectures, enabling a detailed explanation of moves and strategies. 

  • OBS Studio

OBS Studio is easy to find via a simple Google search. 

Like Camtasia, it provides ample screen recording features, but it lacks built-in video editing tools. 

This difference might gravitate some users towards Camtasia Studio, but for those who have separate editing software, OBS serves just fine.

Chess Board Visualization

Among applications to visualize the chess board for viewers, choosing between two popular online platforms— and—often comes down to personal preference.


This online tool requires a premium account for full access. 

The analysis board allows recording while illustrating information to viewers. 

Some noteworthy features include the option to set up the board manually and the ability to draw arrows and colored squares for strategic explanation.


Similar to in functionality, also provides an analysis board where you can paste FEN or PGN, load from a library or archive, or set it up manually. 

It allows the creation of arrows and colored circles for illustrative purposes.


Offline Chess Applications

For those inclined toward offline applications, four worthwhile tools are Rybka Aquarium, ChessBase, Scid, and ChessX.

  • Rybka Aquarium

This lightweight offline chess application features an easy navigation layout, a changeable board design, an in-built engine for playing against, and a panel for acting as a chess board during lessons. 

Other unique features include saving games in PGN format and copying the board image for further use.

  • ChessBase

This chess teaching and learning platform stands out for its ability to export, save games, and run bigger engines like Stockfish, making it perfect for analysis purposes. 

Using keys to draw corresponding colored arrows and circles is feasible on ChessBase. 

It allows scrolling through games using the arrow keys on your keyboard during the lecture.

  • ChessX

This offline application enables changing the chessboard design and has features like drawing arrows.

  • Scid

Scid, short for Shane’s Chess Information Database, is a loaded offline database featuring auto-playing games with sound, an interactive chessboard, and other customizable preferences. 

Similar to Rybka Aquarium, it offers drawing arrows and colored squares.

Graphics for Thumbnail Creation

Apart from creating engaging videos, thumbnails are crucial to attracting viewers. 

Two necessary tools for this purpose are Adobe Photoshop and Canva.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop allows designing thumbnails for YouTube and other social platforms. 

It’s perfect for branding videos and making downloadable images.

  • Canva

If Photoshop is inaccessible, Canva serves as an excellent online alternative for designing thumbnails.

Other crucial applications include Adobe Reader for reading PDFs, like chess guide books, and reliable screen capture software for taking screenshots.

Hope this was helpful.


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