Best Chess Books on Openings 

Best Chess Books on Openings 

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This article presents a list of the top finest chess opening books. Stay tuned to the end.

Fundamental Chess Openings by Paul Van Der Sterren

Fundamental Chess Openings‘ excels with its exceptional quality and detailed information.

It’s ideal for club players across all opening lines. 

Excellently balanced with the perfect mix of theory, it’s a must-have addition to any chess library.

Modern Chess Openings 15th Edition by Nick de Firmian

Making its way to the second position is the easy-to-understand and comprehensive classic, ‘Modern Chess Openings’.

This book introduces all openings succinctly, followed by lines. 

If you aim to evolve from intermediate level to master, this book is a must-have. 

It was one of my first opening books and remains an invaluable and fascinating resource.

Encyclopedia of Chess Openings (ECO) 

Our next entry is the well-known Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, popularly referred to as ‘ECO’. 

This mammoth five-volume book exhaustively covers every line and opening.

It’s definitely a high-level book that I recommend only to those deeply serious about chess. 

Numerous global grandmasters use ECO, a testament to the vast wealth of knowledge inside. 

Remember, ECO could be your go-to guide once you get ultra-passionate about chess.

Back to Basics by Carsten Hansen

Back to Basics‘ is lauded for its top-quality and comprehensive overview of basic variations in all the critical openings.

It’s incredibly versatile and easy to understand, making it an excellent resource for beginners seeking to enhance their opening play. 

While seasoned players might find it too elementary, it is a solid recommendation for rookies looking to build a robust foundation.

I would strongly recommend this book to any chess beginner willing to improve their opening knowledge and play.

Chess Opening Essentials by [Dimitri Komarov, Stephan Djuric, Claudio Pantaleoni]

Just like ‘Back to Basics’, but a tad more intense, is ‘Chess Opening Essentials‘.

Intended for those interested in more than a basic overview of openings, it’s essentially a ‘club player’s version of ‘Back to Basics’. 

Recommended for intermediates and anyone rated around 1500, it provides more depth to master.

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