Review Of Chess App by AI Factory Limited

Review Of Chess App by AI Factory Limited

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In this article, I’ll be doing a brief review of Chess by AI Factory Ltd.

I’ve known this app since my uni days so I do have lots of experience with it.

Anyway, I installed it again recently, and here are my thoughts. 

I’ll start by telling you how to use the app.

The First Steps

Fire up the app and you’re greeted with a minimalist, clean interface focused on one thing – the game. 

The makers ensure that the game remains free for its vast user base by incorporating ads that also fund future development works (as can be seen below):

To immerse in the multiplayer arena and unlock achievements, you might have to log in with your Google account. 

If you prefer to play around and get a feel for the application first before diving into a full game, you’re more than welcome.

Dive into the Game

You have the option to engage in a single-player game where you pit your wits against the AI or set up a multiplayer match with other users. 

The multiplayer mode does require a Google account sign-in to function.

There is a handy option to load saved games, meaning you can resume your matches from where you left off.

Customize the Game to Your Liking

You can navigate to the options bar to tailor the game settings as per your preference. 

The game teems with user-facing customizations for an impeccable gaming experience.

Note: Access to achievement bars and leaderboards is dependent on Google sign-in.

If you are new to the game or need to refresh certain chess rules, the ‘how to play’ section is your go-to resource. 

Filled with enlightening articles on Chess rules, the app is designed to guide you meticulously through the game’s complexity.

The game not only caters well to beginners but also advanced players, showcasing an excellent blend of accessibility and depth.

Opt for Your Preferred View

With “Chess by AI Factory Limited”, you are not confined to a standard 2D board. 

Rather, you have the freedom to choose between a 2D or 3D chessboard, each enhancing your game experience in their unique ways.

Premium Chess Experience – Chess Pro

If you are seeking an ad-free, premium chess experience, you are in for a treat. 

Chess Pro, a separate app by the same developers, costs $3.99 and provides an enhanced user experience.

The game comes with additional chessboards and leverages the same progress from your free version. 

With the facility to import your statistics to the paid version, Chess Pro presents an unrivaled chess experience.

Final Thoughts

Hats off to “Chess by AI Factory Limited” for creating a chess app that captures the essence of the game by promoting simplicity and ease of use. 

The perfect blend of minimal design, rich features, and superior functionality make this app a joy to behold and a pleasure to play.

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